Breakfast of champions cereal

Breakfast of champions cereal

What does breakfast for champions mean?

An ironic praise for food or drink that is generally considered unhealthy, especially when one consumes it for breakfast or early in the day. Taken from the advertising slogan for Wheaties brand cereal, known for featuring prominent athletes on its packaging. The breakfast of champions !

What slogan is breakfast of champions?

Wheaties is a brand of breakfast cereal by General Mills. Wheaties.

Product type Breakfast cereal
Tagline “The breakfast of Champions “

Who is currently on the Wheaties box?

LeBron James Tapped as New Wheaties Box Athlete, Takes Over for Serena.

Where did the phrase breakfast of champions come from?

Title. The title, taken from the well-known slogan for Wheaties breakfast cereal, crops up in a key scene late in the novel when a waitress, apparently ironically, says ” Breakfast of Champions ” each time she serves a customer a martini.

Who said breakfast of champions?

Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Who coined the phrase Breakfast is the most important meal of the day?

James Caleb Jackson

What is the Cheerios slogan?

Race for the taste, the honey sweet taste!, the honey-nutty taste of Honey Nut Cheerios . The Big G stands for Goodness.

Can you still buy Wheaties cereal?

This product is not discontinued. Due to increased demand across our portfolio of Basic 4, Wheaties , and Total cereals , we are experiencing a shortage at some retailers. ” Wheaties fans can rest assured that the Breakfast of Champions is not going anywhere,” the reply read in part.

What does eat your Wheaties mean?

eat (one’s) Wheaties To mentally and/or physically prepare or bolster oneself for a task or activity that requires a large amount of energy or effort. Refers to the cereal Wheaties , which advertises itself as the “Breakfast of Champions” and features prominent athletes on the front of its box.

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Are Wheaties boxes worth anything?

The hottest boxes are from the 1960s and 1970s, although the most prized were made a little earlier. One of the most valuable boxes from a collector’s standpoint is a PEP cereal box from the early 1960s, now worth $2,000. In this manner, who was the first black person on the Wheaties box ?

Why is Wheaties the breakfast of champions?

In 1934, Wheaties debuted packaging featuring baseball great Lou Gehrig, its first in a long line of boxes celebrating rising superstar athletes—from Olympic medal winners to champions in tennis, baseball, basketball, football and more.

Is Wheaties being discontinued?

This product is not discontinued . Due to increased demand across our portfolio of Basic 4, Wheaties , and Total cereals, we are experiencing a shortage at some retailers.

Who wrote Breakfast of Champions?

Kurt Vonnegut

What order should I read Kurt Vonnegut books?

I recommend beginning with one of these four: Cat’s Cradle (1963) I consider this to be the first (chronologically) of his best novels . God Bless You, Mr Rosewater (1965) Slaughterhouse-Five (1969) Breakfast of Champions (1973) The Sirens of Titan (1959) Player Piano (1952) Jailbird (1979) Mother Night (1961) Breakfast

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