Cape san blas bed and breakfast

Cape san blas bed and breakfast

Are there alligators in Cape San Blas?

Cape San Blas , Indian Pass, Money Bayou, etc are no exception. Alligators are all around the area–especially around marshy or swampy areas, lagoons, in the pockets of marshy areas along the Loggerhead Bike Path on Cape San Blas , inside T.H. Stone Memorial St . Joseph Peninsula State Park, etc.

What is Cape San Blas close to?

Cape San Blas is a 17-mile peninsula nestled between St. Joseph Bay and the Gulf of Mexico on Northwest Florida’s Forgotten Coast.

Is the water clear at Cape San Blas?

The beach is very pretty, very gradual slope, very clear water .

How long does it take to get to Cape San Blas?

Flying To Cape San Blas This scenic drive is about 2 hours. From the Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport, you’ll take US-98 South to 30A. Without traffic this drive will take you about an hour and 45 minutes.

Is Cape San Blas crowded?

Those of us who live in Cape San Blas and the areas around it know that our beaches are hands down, some of the most beautiful in all of Florida. Our miles of pristine beaches are not crowded .

Is Cape San Blas safe?

Cape San Blas is very low key. Aside from sea shelling, reading books, walking dogs, walking to the local ice cream shop or on the beach, or if you are going on a fishing excursion, there’s not much else to do in this laid back, safe family and dog friendly destination.

Are Cape San Blas beaches open?

Nearly equal parts pristine beaches , a bay with abundant sea life and a laid-back lifestyle, Cape San Blas is truly a vacation paradise. The gem of Cape San Blas is T.H. Stone Memorial St. Joseph Peninsula State Park. The park is open for day passes only at this time.

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Is Cape San Blas still there?

Joseph Bay, Cape San Blas , FL is one of the last remaining undiscovered beach sanctuaries along the beautiful Florida Panhandle–definitely one of the last uncrowded ones!

How far is Cape San Blas from Panama City?

44.53 miles

How far is Mexico beach from Cape San Blas?

20.01 miles

How far is Apalachicola from Cape San Blas?

22.75 miles

How far is Tallahassee from Cape San Blas?

83.65 miles Breakfast

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