Disney world be our guest breakfast

Disney world be our guest breakfast

Are there characters at Be Our Guest Breakfast?

There are no characters at Be Our Guest restaurant until dinner. Beast is only there for dinner reservations. No characters for breakfast or lunch.

Is breakfast at Be Our Guest worth it?

Overall, breakfast at Be Our Guest Restaurant is a passable meal, albeit pricey for breakfast . The food alone simply isn’t good enough to justify the price, but when factored with seeing a popular, well-themed restaurant plus getting into the Magic Kingdom before park opening, I think it can be a worthwhile experience.

Is Be our guest a quick service meal for breakfast?

Be Our Guest is on the Disney Dining Plan, as a quick service credit for breakfast and lunch and two table service credits for dinner . The restaurant’s three dining rooms can serve a total of 550 guests between the elegant ballroom setting, the mysterious West Wing of the Beast’s castle or the stunning Rose Gallery.

How long does breakfast take at Be Our Guest?

For Table Service restaurants I like to allow an hour, but since Be Our Guest is a Quick Service restaurant for breakfast , I think that 30 minutes will be sufficient. It will also depend upon what you order and how quickly you can eat.

What’s the GREY stuff at Be Our Guest?

Yep — the grey stuff (which is actually a cookies and cream panna cotta that’s been whipped into a creamy dessert) tops a chocolate cupcake in the Beast’s castle these days! It’s the same price and size as all lunch cupcakes: $3.19, and you can get it for a Disney Dining Plan snack credit.

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Is Belle at Be Our Guest?

Unfortunately, Belle does not join the Beast for the evening, as she is just around the corner at Enchanted Tales with Belle . If you have yet to experience Be Our Guest Restaurant, we highly recommend you try to make a reservation and dine there!

Is Be Our Guest better for lunch or dinner?

Lunch at Be Our Guest is usually faster than a table-service meal at the same time and the food is of similar quality, but it is often less expensive than a sit-down meal. Other quick-service locations might be less expensive, but you won’t get the quality and variety of food offered at Be Our Guest .

Is Be Our Guest worth it for dinner?

While Be Our Guest Restaurant’s prix fixe menu was not a good value on the Disney Dining Plan, it’s a much better option for those paying out of pocket (which is now everyone). Be Our Guest Restaurant offers a 20% discount for Tables in Wonderland cardholders, and a 10% discount for Annual Passholders.

Can you just order dessert at Be Our Guest?

Re: Be Our Guest just for dessert ? You can order whatever you want when you get there, but there’s no special dessert reservation.

Can you split a meal at Be Our Guest?

The cost of dinner at Be Our Guest Restaurant is a per-person cost similar to buffets, character meals , and dinner shows. If you do not want to waste food, you could always ask your server about sharing one of the courses between two adults or children but you will still be charged the per person fee for the meal .

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Does the Beast sign autographs at Be Our Guest?

Say Hello to Beast (Dinner Only) At any of Disney’s character dining experiences, the characters will typically visit each of the tables to mingle with guests, pose for photos, sign autographs etc. At breakfast or lunch at Be Our Guest there are no characters. He doesn’t visit each of the tables.

How long does it take to eat at Be Our Guest?

Guests with dining reservations at Be Our Guest can pre-order meals 30 days in advance and I definitely suggest that you do ! Once we received our food at Be Our Guest , it did not take long to eat so I would give yourself at least 45 minutes at the restaurant if you pre-order.

What should I wear to Be Our Guest restaurant?

Since Be Our Guest Restaurant is located inside the Magic Kingdom, the dress code is theme park casual and whatever you wear into the park that day is fine. That makes dining at the fabulous restaurants in the theme parks at the Walt Disney World Resort perfect for me.

Can you mobile order at Be Our Guest?

I went through this process via my computer, but you can also enter into the process through the My Disney Experience app on your smartphone or tablet by selecting “ My Reservations” and choosing your Be Our Guest breakfast or lunch reservation.

Can you see the fireworks from Be Our Guest?

1. Re: Late Reservation at Be Our Guest to Watch Fireworks ? You can ‘t see fireworks from BOG;its the Beast’s castle not Cinderellas Castle. Breakfast

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