Rosa’s cafe menu breakfast

Rosa’s cafe menu breakfast

Does Rosas sell breakfast all day?

Served daily from 10:30 AM – 11:00 PM.

How long does Rosa’s Cafe serve breakfast?

Breakfast will be served from 6:30 a.m. until 10 a.m.

Does Rosa’s Cafe serve margaritas?

Average food, good margaritas – Rosa’s Cafe & Tortilla Factory.

What is Rosas combination nachos?

All the ingredients to customize nachos just the way you want them. Includes rosa’s famous picadillo beef, savory Chile con queso , refried beans, lettuce, tomatoes, zesty jalapeños and two bags of fresh tortilla chips. Serves 6-8.

How many calories are in a breakfast potato egg taco?


How much are tortillas at Rosas?

Rosa’s Cafe Menu Prices

Food Price
12 Fresh Flour Tortillas $3.29
Picadillo Taco Meat $13.99
Picadillo Taco Meat $8.99
Mexican Rice $2.99

How many calories are in a bacon and egg taco?

Bacon and Egg Taco

Calories Fat Protein
250 13 10

How many calories in a Rosas bean and cheese burrito?

320 calories

Are Rosa’s Cafe beans vegetarian?

No. The retried beans and the lack beans do not. over a year ago.

How many Rosas cafes are there?

Today, Rosa’s Cafe has expanded to more than 45 company-owned restaurants with locations in North, Central and West Texas. There is one company-owned Rosa’s Café in Hobbs, NM and an independently owned Rosa’s Café in Temecula, California.

Does Rosa’s Cafe have corn tortillas?

The corn tortillas used for “crispy” tacos are pre-made, super thin shells that crumble when picked up. The menu offers your basic taco, burrito, fajitas items.

Does Rosas have alcohol?

– Rosa’s Cafe & Tortilla Factory.

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What is fajita carbon?

Although “al carbon ” means to cook over charcoal, bring this dish indoors by sautéing steak, onions, and peppers to make a one-pan taco filling reminiscent of fajitas .

How much are Sopapillas at Rosas?

Rosa’s Cafe Menu

Chocolate Cake $3.59 Piece
Carrot Cake $3.59 Piece
Carrot Cake $22.99 Whole
Sopapillas $1.79 Small 4
Sopapillas $1.99 Large 8


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