Tender greens breakfast menu

Tender greens breakfast menu

What are tender greens?

What are tender greens ? Well, they aren’t lettuces or braising greens , and they are typically used raw or wilted. They range in flavor from mild-almost-neutral, to pungent, spicy, or peppery. The tender leaves of baby spinach are perfect for raw applications like salads.

Does tender greens serve alcohol?

Tender Greens serves salads, bowls, sandwiches and soups, and is offering produce, dairy, bread, toilet paper, alcohol and other items for pick-up and delivery through Postmates, Doordash, Caviar and UberEats.

Is Tender Greens bread vegan?

Yes, and it is called Tender Greens . Born in Los Angeles, the Tender Greens empire has spread to San Diego with two locations – Liberty Station and the UTC Mall. It is vegan friendly, so meat eaters and the plant based crowd can mingle in harmony.

What should I get at Tender Greens?

There’s lots to love at Tender Greens : steak sandwiches topped with roasted red peppers and aioli, BBQ chicken served up with mashed potatoes and some greens , and a selection of pastries so inviting, you’ve just got to end with something sweet (suggestion: the cream cheese brownie).

Why is tender greens cashless?

You’ll spend less time waiting in line. It’s more efficient for our teams and restaurants because they’ll get back hours of their day to cook and spend time with you in the restaurant instead of the administrative work associated with cash.

How many tender greens are there?


Are tender greens mashed potatoes vegan?

Vegan and “contains gluten” items are clearly labeled on the menu at Tender Greens . In fact, the only ones listed as containing dairy on the menu that I viewed were the mashed potatoes , horseradish vinaigrette, and cilantro lime dressing.

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What kind of steak does Tender Greens use?

flank steak

Who started tender greens?

Erik Oberholtzer David Dressler Matt Lyman

Is tender greens a franchise?

Do you franchise ? All of our restaurants are company owned and operated. I want to invest in Tender Greens . Tender Greens is a privately held company. Breakfast

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