Fandango dinner and a movie

Fandango dinner and a movie

How do you use Fandango dinner and movie gift cards?

To redeem this Card , visit fandango .com or a Fandango mobile app, and on the purchase check-out page, click Gift card , enter your Card # and PIN, then click Apply . Purchase of movie tickets is subject to Fandango’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

How does dinner and a movie gift card work?

The Fandango gift card can be used to purchase tickets for movies playing at more than 16,000 movie screens across the country through Fandango’s website ( and its various mobile applications. The ” Dinner & A Movie ” gift card package retails for $50.

Where can you use Fandango movie cards?

Fandango gift cards can be used on Fandango .com, or the Fandango apps. It’s important to remember that Fandango gift cards cannot be redeemed at a movie theater box office.

Can I switch movie times on Fandango?

Instead of a refund, you may wish to exchange your movie ticket(s) for another movie and/or show time . Any stored credit in your account will automatically be applied to your next Fandango movie ticket purchase made through the Services using your account. Amounts paid with gift cards can be used for exchanges.

Can I use a Fandango gift card at AMC?

Fandango is Your Ticket to the Movies. Use Fandango gift cards to purchase tickets in advance to theaters including Regal, AMC , Cinemark, Marcus Theaters, and many others. Cannot be redeemed directly at any Fandango partner theater box office.

Can Fandango gift cards be used for concessions?

DON’T buy this gift card unless you are okay with paying a service fee to use your card and only be able to use it at fandango .com. We made the mistake of not seeing the fine print on the back where you couldn’t use it to purchase tickets at the theatre or any concessions .

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How do you use movie cards?

Just use it like an eftpos® Card ! 1. Simply present The Movie Card at your participating local cinema to pay for your tickets, food or beverages. 2.

How do I use my restaurant COM card? Card redemption is easy. Simply visit the redeem a card page on Restaurant .com, enter your 10-digit code and select a restaurant -specific certificate. You can also redeem your Cards right on your smartphone with our mobile app!

How do I redeem my ultimate dining card?

Online Redemption The Ultimate Dining eGift Card can be used to order online at,,, or Enter the eGift Card number and PIN code (if required) to apply it as payment during online check–out.

Can you watch Fandango movies at home?

Stream FandangoNOW at home ! No more waiting, watch the movies that are all the buzz right now. Check out the most popular movies on FandangoNOW. Trending TV. Discover binge-worthy TV you may have missed.

Is anything free on Fandango?

How Much Does Fandango Cost? You do not need to have a subscription to use Fandango . Anyone can log in and use the site to buy movie tickets. Officially, Fandango says the fee is for “showtimes, movie listings, and theater information,” though there are lots of movie showtime apps for Android that do the same thing.

What does Fandango mean?

1 : a lively Spanish or Spanish-American dance in triple time that is usually performed by a man and a woman to the accompaniment of guitar and castanets also : music for this dance. 2 : tomfoolery.

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Can you cancel Fandango movie tickets?

Yes, you can exchange or refund your entire order (except for the convenience fee in the case of a refund ) through Fandango , MovieTickets .com, or Flixster, before the time of the show. For full terms and conditions, please see our Fandango Ticket Policy.

Does Fandango charge a monthly fee?

There is no cost at all to set up a FandangoNOW account. There is also no monthly subscription cost and no commitment whatsoever. You only pay for the movies and TV shows you want to watch. The cost for rentals or purchases varies by title.

How do I get my tickets from Fandango?

Once you have signed in to your Fandango VIP account, visit the ‘My VIP Account’ page. Your most recent purchase and a list of all your movie ticket purchases will be found in your ‘Purchase History’. For details on how to get your tickets at the theater use the ‘View Order Details’ link.

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