Golden corral dinner buffet prices

Golden corral dinner buffet prices

How much is Golden Corral Thanksgiving buffet?

For $12.99 , Golden Corral will be offering an ample Thanksgiving buffet. How much is the buffet at Golden Corral on Thanksgiving ?

Buffet Price
Dinner Buffet (served Monday through Sunday until 4 pm) Drinks not included. $11.99
Drinks $2.19
Children’s Packages

How Much Does Golden Corral catering cost?

Golden Corral catering is perfect for any kind of event, whether it is for an intimate dinner or large gatherings. Golden Corral Catering Prices.

Food Price
Dinner: Monday-Thursday, 4pm-9:30pm
Senior (Age 60 and Over) $12.49/person
Adult $12.99/person
Kids (Age 9 to 12) $7.99 /person

Who eats free at Golden Corral?

Free on Monday: Golden Corral : Kids under 10 years of age eat for free between 5 and 9pm at your local Golden Corral . IHOP: Eat between 4 and 8pm and kids under 12 eat for free . You’ll get 1 kids meal per 1 adult entree.

Can you take food home from Golden Corral?

Is takeout, to go, and catering available? Yes, all three are available. Takeout: All menu and buffet items can be packaged for takeout. To Go: Golden Corral © offers Meals To Go, entrees, side, desserts and beverages.

Is Golden Corral open on Thanksgiving Day 2020?

Golden Corral ‘s famous buffet will be open during Thanksgiving , so you and your family can gobble up all the fresh carved turkey you can eat. Of course, if you’d rather enjoy a delicious meal at home without any fuss, the restaurant will also be offering a complete Thanksgiving meal to go.

How Much Does Golden Corral cost on Sunday?

Golden Corral Buffet Menu and Prices 2020
Dinner (Monday – Sunday 4PM – Close) $11.99
Lunch (Monday – Saturday 11AM – 4PM) $8.69
Breakfast (Saturday & Sunday Until 11AM) $8.69
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Will Golden Corral ever open again?

No-buffet rules aren’t keeping Golden Corral from reopening its restaurants. The big buffet chain has been gradually reopening locations across the country with a different service model, typically a cafeteria-style strategy in which employees serve customers items that would have otherwise been in a buffet.

How much is Sunday buffet at Golden Corral?

How much is Sunday buffet at Golden Corral ? From Monday to Saturday, you can enjoy brunch or lunch for about $9.29 until 4PM. On Saturday and Sunday , you can also enjoy breakfast until 11AM for only $9.89.

How do I get Golden Corral coupons?

There is no coupon box on the Golden Corral website. However, you’re welcome to visit the site for special savings opportunities, including meal deals and limited time promotions.

How much is prime rib weekend at Golden Corral?

My wife and I recently visited Golden Corral to take advantage of the Premium Weekends “Endless Prime Rib” special priced at $13.99 .

Can you take food from a buffet?

Many restaurants usually have a policy which states that food cannot be taken out when dining on food from the buffet — and understandably so, because they could potentially lose money if patrons were permitted to take food home.

Do you eat free on your birthday at Golden Corral?

Golden Corral offers a free meal during your birthday month when you sign up for their Birthday Club.

Is there a time limit at buffets?

most buffets have a time limit as in the sense that they serve lunch until a certain time and then they start serving dinners.and then of course there’s closing time :P. They usually set like time limits as in “dinner” served from 4-8 or something like that. Many buffets do.

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