“my dinner with andre”

“my dinner with andre”

Is My Dinner with Andre on Netflix?

Watch My Dinner with Andre on Netflix Today!

How Does My Dinner With Andre end?

Andre had been involved in breaking free of the habits of mechanical, automatic living. The dinner conversation ends with Wally challenging some of the methods and purpose of Andre’s pursuits. He is confused, angry, and feels Andre has wasted years of his life.

How long is My Dinner with Andre?

1 ч 51 мин

Who directed Dinner with Andre?

Louis Malle

What is Dinner with Andre about?

Old friends Wallace (Wallace Shawn) and Andre (Andre Gregory) haven’t seen each another in five years and agree to meet for dinner. Andre, a once well-known theater director, dropped out of the New York scene to travel the world, while Wallace stuck around, finding only mixed success as a playwright. As they sit down to eat, Andre launches into a series of fantastic stories from his time away, and Wallace can’t help but notice how different their worldviews have become.

Where Was My Dinner With Andre filmed?

Richmond, Virginia

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