Cave restaurant in italy

Cave restaurant in italy

Where in Italy is the Cave Restaurant?

Grotta Palazzese

How do I get to Grotta Palazzese?

The Grotta Palazzese Restaurant is 83 km from Brindisi Airport. To reach us you can take a taxi or a shuttle bus to Brindisi central railway station, and from here one of the trains to Polignano a Mare. The Grotta Palazzese Restaurant is about 500m from the Polignano a Mare central station.

What does Polignano a Mare mean?

Polignano a Mare (Italian: [poliɲˈɲaːno a mˈmaːre]; Barese: Peghegnéne [pəɡəɲˈɲeːnə]) is a town and comune in the Metropolitan City of Bari, Apulia, southern Italy, located on the Adriatic Sea. The local economy mostly depends on tourism, agriculture and fishing.

Is there a train from Rome to Puglia?

By Train . The train is the easiest way to reach Puglia from Rome , with Trenitalia’s direct, high-speed Frecce line connecting the region’s larger cities. Trains leave from Rome’s central Termini station and reach Foggia in 3 hours, Bari in 4, Brindisi in 5, and Lecce in 5.5.

Is Polignano a Mare worth visiting?

Worth a stop! Polignano A Mare is the loveliest town to visit , quaint little shops and wonderful eateries and wine bars. We had pre dinner drinks overlooking a wonderful Piazza before going to Grotto Palazese for dinner.

How far is Polignano a Mare from Rome?

406 km

Is Ostuni worth visiting?

Quaint and beautiful. Narrow, winding streets, great caffes and restaurant, quaint shops filled with ceramics, shoes, olive oil and much more, the Centro Storico of Ostuni is a special place and well worth a visit .

What is the best time to visit Puglia?

The best time to visit Puglia is during the spring, early summer and autumn. High summer, July and August, is hot, reaching the mid 30°Cs inland, and it’s busy, too, with inflated prices to match demand. May, June and September are lovely, with temperatures in the 20°Cs, and good for walking and cycling.

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How far is Sicily from Puglia?

approximately 344 miles

Which airport do you fly to for Puglia Italy?

There are two main airports in Puglia: the Karol Wojtyla Airport in Bari and the Airport of Salento in Brindisi.

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